Deliver effective portfolio management, claim management and pricing excellence

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Deliver effective portfolio management, customer insight and compelling customer interaction
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Predict and manage customer churn and maximise return from marketing spend

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Reduce costs, streamline processes and achieve operational excellence

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Airline: Customer Lifecycle Management

  1. Increase Airline Profitability through Customer Lifecycle Management

    Are you using Customer Lifecycle Management to:
    1. Manage your entire customer base to maximise profitability?
    2. Know who your most profitable customers are and how to tailor offers and contacts with them?
    3. Know the best ancillary product to offer at each customer interaction?
    4. Engender loyalty where and when it matters by understanding the value and behaviours of your customers?
    5. Understand the customer journey and which channels are delivering most value?


Customer Lifecycle Management

  1. Increase Profitability through Customer Lifecycle Management

    Are you using Customer Lifecycle Management to:
    1. Know who your most profitable customers are and how to tailor communications with them?
    2. Tailor your service based on the customer value to the business?
    3. Know what the next best activity is for each customer to increase profitability?
    4. Know the value of customers who leave and how to prevent them from leaving?
    5. Understand which channels are delivering most value?


Customer Insight

  1. Driving Profitability and Generating Growth through Customer Insight & Analytics

    Are you using customer insight and analytics to:
    1. Understand which customers are profitable?
    2. Understand which customers are loyal?
    3. Increase product penetration per customer?
    4. Optimise your marketing spend?
    5. Deliver relevant campaigns?
    Our experienced teams have developed information and analytics-based solutions that have delivered tangible results.


Analytical Routing

    Driving-Down Total Cost of Claims through Analytical Routing

    Are you using your information to accurately route your claims to:
    1. Improve claims processing efficiency?
    2. Support litigation vs. settlement decisions?
    3. Optimise claims settlement times?
    4. Support cost effective fraud processes?

Insurance: Maximising Underwriting Profit

Maximising Underwriting Profit through Active Portfolio Management

Are you able to:
1. Identify the common characteristics and profiles of your most and least profitable portfolio segments?
2. Price your renewal portfolio to maximise both profitability and retention?
3. Compare and monitor performance of your renewal business vs. new business?
4. Track retention, risk and profit metrics and movements from portfolio and renewal underwriting actions over time?
5. Align renewal underwriting activity with your sales and marketing activity?
6. Assign the correct underwriting expertise to support key renewal activity?

Portfolio PRIME

Next Generation Portfolio Management Driving Underwriting Profit

Is your Portfolio Management function using information and analytics to:
1. Determine the correct underwriting action and intervention across portfolio and product lines?
2. Improve profitability year-on-year?
3. Understand the relative profitability of your distribution partners?
4. Understand risk profiles of renewing and acquired business to determine business mix?
5. Compare performance of portfolios in a simple and consistent manner?
6. Track month to month, year on year movements and benefits?

Business Controls

Delivering Confidence in Front Line Business Controls

Do your front line controls enable you to:
1. Know where your risk hotspots are?
2. Achieve the right balance between preventative and detective controls?
3. Respond earlier and swiftly to control failures?
4. Detect control failure before your customer does?

Claims Costs

Driving-Down Claims Costs through Analytics

Are you using information and analytics to:
1. Manage and reduce fee spend?
2. To implement cost effective fraud solutions?
3. Manage and reduce repair/replacement spend?
4. Understand and ultimately reduce variation across settlement types?

Latest News

DATA ANALYTICS; making commercial sense of Big Data

On Thursday 25th April Jonathan Hayes a Partner with Distinct presented with the Insurance Institute of Ireland in the Convention Centre Dublin a discussion on the opportunities and challenges associated with Data Analytics and Big Data. To read more click here>

Dell Signs €100k Private Cloud IT Deal with Analytics Firm Distinct

Dell’s Irish division has secured a €100,000 deal to deliver servers and storage to power Dublin-based analytics-as-a-service provider Distinct’s private cloud analytics and ISO27001:2005.. infrastructure.
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Business Analytics Breakfast Briefing
Analytics for Enabling Business Strategy -
25th October 2012

This briefing provided an overview of the Business Analytics field and illustrated its potential by reference to multiple applications drawn from sports, fraud detection, web analytics, decision analytics, marketing, social network analytics and spatial analytics. It included examples drawn from engagement by UCD with a range of business organisations through the MSc in Business Analytics. To read more, click here>

Distinct to host round table discussions with Life and Pensions leaders to examine and assess evolving customer and distribution trends. Read more>

Distinct’s recent Control and Performance conference highlighted that over 60% of our Financial Services clients are concerned that, despite a proliferation of controls, they still lacked confidence that their business would run smoothly. Read more>

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